Boston Scientific T-3 r&d Center And Office Beijing

Boston Scientific T-3 r&d Center And Office Beijing

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The project was awarded with Silver Medal at REKA International Design Award ceremony during design week in Kuala Lumpur.。

“Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.”

With this statement in mind, our goal was to create space reflecting the company’s innovative approach and great experience in the medical science field. At the same time, specific site conditions, including a sloping roof and a high volume of space, were very challenging.

Combination of requested functions: Exhibition space and R&D offices are not commonly stacked together, as they require different approaches from visual and technical points of view. Hence, we decided to separate those functions in an alternative way. Instead of creating “go-through,” enclosed zones within the same level, we designed them in layers, one above another, connected by a main “communication spine,” which plays a major functional and design role. Inspired by company products and medical sciences, the cellular spine binds reception and laboratories with its dynamic, parametrically designed smooth shape, which stands in contrast to brutal concrete walls and ceiling finishes.

In this way, we used the entire volume of available space to arrange functions accordingly. The first floor contains an open reception area, multifunctional room, interactive logo wall, a pantry in the back with several interactive areas and a waiting pod with company information. From there, we enter the office zone, where a flexible, agile workstation area is located near windows that can be adjusted depending on project group requirements. Core functions, like collaboration and utility points, which let employees pick the right place to work, are located along the central circulation spine. On the east side, there is an enclosed office and laboratory portion. In order to let visitors see the work process without bothering scientists, on top of the “spine,” along the entire office zone, we created a gallery-mezzanine floor with three meeting pods. One is located above the pantry and behind the logo wall, another in the central portion and one more in the back of the office, connecting the mezzanine with the meeting room.

The parametrical mezzanine structure is made of prefabricated steel and aluminum components that were spray-painted onsite. Its light structure allowed us to design this portion without any additional support.
One of the most important tasks during the design process was to create an environmentally friendly, agile, and sustainable work ecosystem. There are multiple planters distributed throughout the space and many, easily accessible water points for employees’ convenience. There is a water reuse system built into the floor, which helped in awarding the project a LEED certification.

The feeling of advanced sciences is improved by the implementation of hi-tech audio-visual solutions and custom lighting, which play a major role in multifunctional room and reception and interactive areas. Our intention was to create space that would inspire all visitors and give all the employees a sense of pride for working at Boston Scientific. 

Project made in collaboration with AXIS design


Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Russell Tustanowsky
Design development and BIM management: Sergey Vaskin, Andrii K., Aleksandr P., Maksym K., Evhen V., Aleksandr G., Kristina G., Daria D., Denis Z., Anton B., Natalia A., Ilya T.
Parametric design development: Arsenii I.
MEP consultant: Oleg S.
Project management:  Tyler Zhang
Lighting design: Studio Illumine
Area: 1400 sqm
Location: Beijing, China
Status:  Completed in June 2018