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Modular housing is becoming a major trend among young and active people, who live fast and work in the city. They look for the natural balance in the remote areas, willing to spend time in comfortable haven.

Although it is environmental friendly to develop and construct locally, sometimes it is better to centralize production of modular units, which can be easily transported and placed in any place we wish.

Following the similar idea, investor’s vision included the design of modular units and creatig a resort hotel in the remote area of Khakheti, 2 hours away from Georgia’s capital – Tbilisi. 

In order to manufacture villas in different locations, the main requirement was to fit all expected functions within typical cargo container size – either 6 or 12 feet long, which can be later shipped further.

The site of first COASIS location is placed on the beautiful hill surrounded by wineyards with amazing view at the hills and mountains.

Visitors can enjoy the short stay at the club area with 2 panoramic swimming pools or stay longer in the small resort city.

The development of the project led to creation of 3 different types of villas, different types of functional containers and even the schematic of entire function buildings – reception, restaurants, bars, wellness, conference, etc.

Villas are created in the way, that after arrival to destination, they are “unfolded” and enlarged, equipped with glass partitions, HVAC and MEP systems, which are all packed inside the container when shipped.

Fresh look and staying close to nature along with current popular among 30′ -40′ yrs old people trends were the inspirations for interior design with many natural materials mixed with vibrant colors and textures.


Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Sergey Vaskin,
Dmytro Pozherauskas
Administration and project operation: Andrey Arkhipov
Design development and BIM management:  Dmytro Pozherauskas,
Dmitry Vyshnevskyi, Oleg Seniak
Area: 56000 sqm
Location: Shibliani, Kakheti region,
Republic of Georgia
Status: TBC